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Welcome to Southwest Colorectal Surgeons, where you can find specialists with expertise in treating all aspects of bowel disorders: anal, rectal and colonic problems. Our team is composed of leading experts in colorectal surgery, and can perform procedures for various conditions ranging from common anorectal disorders to complex laparoscopic colorectal cancer surgery.

Our specialists have well-established proficiency in keyhole or laparoscopic colorectal surgery. This modern surgical approach minimises invasive surgery by using thin instruments inserted through small incisions, replacing the traditional treatment and long incisions, and therefore leading to proven benefits such as shorter hospital stay, less pain, fewer complications and faster recovery.

Patients of all ages, especially elderly patients, benefit from this minimally invasive technique.

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Our specialists manage a range of colorectal conditions. These include cancer, diverticulitis, rectal bleeding, rectal prolapse, faecal incontinence, perianal disease.

Our colorectal surgeons have trained in major Colorectal Centres in Australia and overseas in all aspects of colorectal surgery and in modern minimally invasive surgical techniques.

Our specialists are involved in the ongoing education and training of junior doctors, surgical trainees and fellows training on the training programme of the Colorectal Surgical Society of Australia and New Zealand (CSSANZ).

They have a particular interest in ongoing research in the field of colorectal surgery and have been major contributors in large laparoscopic colorectal surgical trials in Australia. Other research includes basic scientific research on rectal cancer, pelvic floor dysfunction and its association with vaginal delivery, and the functional outcome of patients after prolapse repair and bowel resection.

Our colorectal surgeons also use the Transanal endoscopic microsurgical technique (TEMS or TEO) to accurately remove large or complex rectal polyps that otherwise require piece-meal excision by colonoscopy, or major rectal surgery.

They have a special interest in complex endometriosis involving the colon and rectum. They operate in conjunction with specialist gynaecologists with extensive experience in managing endometriosis. The majority of the patients who require a bowel resection for their endometriosis can be managed using laparoscopic or keyhole surgery with only 1-2% requiring a stoma (ileostomy or colostomy).

They also perform endoscopy (gastroscopy and colonoscopy) to investigate rectal bleeding and other abdominal symptoms. Abdominal wall hernia, and many other general surgical emergencies such as bowel obstruction and diverticulitis are managed by our specialist group.

Our experts operate in a number of hospitals, giving you several location options for consultation, as well as allowing you to choose which hospital is most convenient for your operation. Contact us today to find a colorectal surgeon in Sydney to investigate and manage your condition.

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