Surgery For Endometriosis

Endometriosis is a complex disease that causes problems with pain and infertility. When the bowel (colon and rectum) is involved a combined approach between expert gynaecologist and specialist colorectal surgeon is important.

This enables a complex problem to be dealt with in a manner which minimises the number of operations required by the patient. Preoperative consultation and investigation by both the gynaecologist and colorectal surgeon helps plan the procedure and to prepare the patient for what may be required. A joint procedure involving the gynaecologist and colorectal surgeon is often required.

The specialist colorectal surgeon may need to remove adhesions or scar tissue between the bowel and the pelvic organs, or remove a small piece ( “disc”) of the rectal wall, or remove a segment of colon or rectum (a bowel resection).

In the majority of patients this can be done as a laparoscopic procedure, even in the event of a bowel resection.

The risk of a problem arising that may need a temporary stoma (ileostomy or colostomy) is low. In expert hands this should be 1-2%.

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