Anal Incontinence Treatment

Anal or faecal incontinence can be a very debilitating disease.

There are many causes of faecal incontinence, but most common are with disorders of the anal sphincter and pelvic floor. Injuiries may occur following vaginal delivery, or other anorectal trauma. Other causes include radiation to the pelvis, inflammatory bowel disease, behavioural and neurological abnormalities.

Treatment depends on the cause, and hence multiple investigations are carried out.

Management often involves many different approaches. Some of these are outlined here.

  • Biofeedback with physiotherapy,   dietary changes, and  medication
  • Surgical correction of rectal prolapse or  haemorroids, sphincter repair.
  • Sacral Nerve Neuromodulation (SNS)
  • Other options include stoma formation, graciloplasty, sphincter  augmentation,  artificial sphincters, anal plug

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